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  • Setup Archive Storage
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— NVR General Settings — Setup Recording Storage —
NVR — General Settings
Setup Recording Storage (Archive)
Specify where to store the images. Recordings will be deleted when the reserved hard disc space is full, or when the recording is older than the amount of days specified in Keep Information for [ ] day(s). To prevent the hard drive from becoming full If free space is less than (stop saving/overwrite) should be set.
  1. In the NVR Control Center switch to the General — Global Settings
  2. Under the Archive Storage — Path specify local or network location for the NVR recording storage by clicking on the browse button. The directory must be empty when chosen.
  3. Specify Keep Information for [ ] day(s)
  4. Set If free space is less than with a Stop saving or Overwrite option chosen.
  5. Check Use Temporary Space checkbox if the archive is stored on a network device for more effective recording.
  • With proper planning, the configured data retention time should not allow the drive limit to be reached, and will act only as a safety net. If data is continuously overwritten based on the drive limit, unnecessary strain is placed on the processor and hard drive.
  • The Archive Storage settings cannot be set or changed while the NVR is running. If the NVR is running, you must first stop the services with the Start/Stop NVR Service toggle button. When the settings are done start NVR again.
— NVR General Settings — Use DETEXI Storage Calculator —
NVR General Settings
Simulation-based Storage Calculator
Use the following calculator to estimate the storage needs of your DETEXI NVR recording requirements.
For example — Determine weather you can keep the recorded images from 7 cameras on 500GB disc space for 5 days, if you choose to record each camera with 704x480 resolution, 3 frames per second with reasonable 50% compression and 100% recording (24/7 recording schedule). Keep in mind; to prevent the hard drive from becoming full plan to set If free space is less than parameter to 1000MB at least.
The answer is — Yes.
Retention Time   Days
Cameras Resolution Frame Rate FPS Compression % Recording % Storage GB
Total Storage GB  
Use for estimation purposes only.