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  • Overview of Tools
— Video Viewing, Retrieval, Export — Overview of Tools —
Video Viewing, Retrieval, Export
Overview of Tools
With the DETEXI NVR configured to record video, local and remote clients can access the recorded video. There are two main tools that allow users to access the NVR video archive, search, view and export video —
DETEXI Client Archive Tool
DETEXI Archive Viewer
Although the Client Archive Tool and Archive Viewer have very similar capabilities, they access and pull the recorded video from the archive in very different ways allowing for both to excel in different environments and for different needs. That is especially apparent when connecting over a network. There are a few unique features in each as well.
  • Client Archive Tool
  • DETEXI Archive Viewer
DETEXI Client Archive Tool
DETEXI Client Archive Tool pulls recorded video from the NVR archive transferring all frames in the time segment selected into local memory. For this reason, the amount of video that can be viewed at once is limited, and the initial load time is very affected by the network the video is being pulled across. Once loaded, however, this video can be viewed very quickly and efficiently at very high frame rates. When users already know the time and date of interest and only need to review a small amount of video, they might find the Client Archive Tool more efficient.
  • The ARCHIVE button on the Client Start Page launches the Archive Tool built into the Client.
DETEXI Archive Viewer
DETEXI Archive Viewer included automatically with the DETEXI NVR and Remote DETEXI Client installation connects local and/or remote users to the DETEXI NVR recorded video (NVR archive) for video viewing, retrieval and export. For remote users permission/authentication is required.
When large amount of video need to be scanned for events the Archive Viewer is the tool of choice.
Rather than loading a collection of video into local memory, the Archive Viewer streams video directly from the NVR archive over the network. For this reason, a full 24 hours of data is at the user’s fingertips for viewing at all times without requiring a large initial load time. However, this limits user to slower possible playback speed — completely dependent upon the network connection between the Archive Viewer and NVR archive. It is not uncommon to see pauses in video playback for buffering of the video stream.
  • When located on the NVR computer, the Archive Viewer is very efficient — limited only by the read speed of the hard drive and decoding speed of the video card.