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Calculate Your Bandwidth Needs
Bandwidth Management
Network video products utilize bandwidth based on their configuration.
Bandwidth usage depends on —
  • Image resolution
  • Compression ratio
  • Frame rate — images per second
  • Complexity of the scene
The following technologies are among those that enable management of bandwidth consumption:
Switched Networks
By using network switching — a common networking technique today — the same physical computer and video surveillance network can be separated into two autonomous networks.
Even though these networks remain physically connected, the network switch logically divides them into two virtual and independent networks.
Faster Networks
As the price of switches and routers continues to fall, Gigabyte networks become an affordable option. The trend towards faster networks increases the potential value of remote monitoring over networks.
Event Driven Frame Rate
A rate of up to 30/25 frames per seconds (fps) on all cameras at all times is above what is required for many applications. With the configuration capabilities and built-in intelligence of the network camera/video server and/or video management software frame rates under normal conditions can be set lower, e.g. 5-6 fps, dramatically decreasing bandwidth consumption.

In the event of an alarm, if motion detection is triggered, the recording frame rate speed can be automatically increased to a higher frame level.
In many cases, the camera will only send video over the network if the video is worth recording; the rest of the time, nothing is being transferred over the network.
Calculating Bandwidth Needs
A simulation-based bandwidth calculator helps to determine the bandwidth a network video product will use, based on the number of network cameras, image size and frame rate.
The calculations are based on the performance and resource consumption of AXIS cameras/video servers and should be used for estimation purposes only.
— DETEXI IP-Surveillance Planning – Calculate Your Bandwidth Needs — Bandwidth Consumption —
Calculate Your Bandwidth Needs
Bandwidth Consumption
The DETEXI NVR has many capabilities, executed by several different services run on the Windows PC Server. Since the recording specifications of systems can vary quite a bit, and different applications require different functions of the NVR to be utilized, it is not possible to define a single set of hardware recommendations for all applications of the software.
In determining whether your DETEXI NVR can be added to an existing network or should be separated on its own network, it is important to try and estimate the kind of bandwidth consumption which will occur during the height of operation.
Bandwidth will be consumed between —
  1. DETEXI NVR and cameras while recording;
  2. DETEXI Clients and cameras when live video is being viewed.
Recording Bandwidth Consumption
Recording schedules, both continuous and motion-only recording require a constant stream from the camera while on schedule. In addition to continuous and motion-only recording, recording can be configured to occur on an event — either on a camera input status change, or via a task triggered by some other event in the system.

When calculating bandwidth usage, consider the time of day when the maximum number of cameras will have an active recording schedule, and also assume that many or all of your event recordings are active, to consider the worst case scenario.
With these things in mind, use the Simulation-based Bandwidth Calculator to estimate how much bandwidth your DETEXI NVR will need to operate as you intend.
Viewing Bandwidth Consumption
In DETEXI Clients, there are many options for viewing any number of cameras at once. Due to the smart-scaling features of the DETEXI Client’s multiscreen , the actual bandwidth usage will depend upon the computer’s defined resolution, how many cameras are being viewed at once, as well as other factors that determine the cameras’ display resolutions in the multiscreen.

To include DETEXI Client bandwidth consumption in your calculation, you can use the following bandwidth estimations for viewing to be added to your recording bandwidth calculations —



Single Camera 10 mbit/s
Multiscreen 2-4 Cameras 10 mbit/s
Multiscreen > 4 Cameras   5 mbit/s
  • Bandwidth consumption should be considered for each Client License obtained for the DETEXI NVR, in the event that the maximum number of Clients allowed by the license is connected at once. The bandwidth consumption estimated for each client should be based on the type of viewing that will most likely occur on that workstation.
  • This information is for estimation purposes only.

— DETEXI IP-Surveillance Planning — Calculate Your Bandwidth Needs — Simulation-based Bandwidth Calculator —
DETEXI IP-Surveillance Planning
Simulation-based Bandwidth Calculator —
Use to estimate how much bandwidth your DETEXI NVR will need to record as you intend.
     Cameras Resolution Frame Rate FPS Compression % Image Complexity Bandwidth Kbit/s
Total Bandwidth Kbit/s
  • Use for estimation purposes only