DETEXI® Network Video Management System
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  • Quick checklist
— Setting up an IP-Surveillance system — Quick Checklist —
Setting up an IP-Surveillance system — Quick checklist
Define your surveillance needs
  • Draw a plan of your installation
  • Select points of interest to view (area of coverage)
  • Position each camera — define what you want to be able to capture with each camera
  • Consider environment — light conditions
  • Consider cabling to cameras
  • Position the recording server
Select network cameras and/or video encoder
  • Image quality requirements — resolution, compression and frame rate
  • Light sensitivity and lens selection (re: camera)
  • Outdoor / indoor, fixed / PTZ / dome camera
  • Consider needs such as Power over Ethernet (PoE), video motion detection, audio . . .
  • Housing, mounting and other accessories
  • Buy and try — buy one camera to test its quality
Select hardware components
  • Additional switches (PoE, wireless options)
  • Additional light sources
  • Power supplies and eventually UPS
  • Server for video management software
  • Hard drives (local disks, NAS, etc.)
Select video management software
  • Select a software package for your required functionality
  • Purchase licenses that fit the number of cameras
  • Specify image quality and frame rate requirements for each camera
  • IP address range for cameras and servers
  • Calculate hard disk usage
  • Configure your cameras and their recording settings
  • Configure video motion detection settings
  • Grant user access and authentications
Operations and maintenance
  • Check recorded events for all your cameras
  • Check motion detection settings again
  • Check hard disk free space and eventually adjust recording options