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— DETEXI IP-Surveillance Planning – PC Client Selection — Overview —
PC Client Selection
viewing video over the network
In a network video management system, video can be viewed from any point on the network. Using the DETEXI Remote Client part of the DETEXI system, multiple authorized users can access live or recorded video at any time and from any networked location. For a high quality video viewing experience, it is crucial that DETEXI Client computers are equipped with a Graphics Card that can handle the live video and rendering required by the DETEXI Client application.
The performance of the DETEXI Client when viewing multiple cameras will depend mostly upon two factors:
Bandwidth available — how quickly it can stream the video over the network;
Resources available to the Graphics Card — how quickly it can paint the video on the screen.
Make sure that the latest available graphic card driver is used.
Viewing Bandwidth Consumption
In the DETEXI Remote Client, there are many options for viewing any number of cameras at once. Due to the smart-scaling features of the DETEXI Client’s multiscreen , the actual bandwidth usage will depend upon the computer’s defined resolution, how many cameras are being viewed at once, as well as other factors that determine the cameras’ display resolutions in the multiscreen.

To include DETEXI Client bandwidth consumption in your calculation, you can use the following bandwidth estimations for viewing to be added to your recording bandwidth calculations —


Single camera 10 mbit/s
Multiscreen 2-4 cameras 10 mbit/s
Multiscreen more than 4 cameras   5 mbit/s
  • Bandwidth consumption should be considered for each Client License obtained for the DETEXI NVR, in the event that the maximum number of Clients allowed by the license is connected at once. The bandwidth consumption estimated for each client should be based on the type of viewing that will most likely occur on that workstation.
  • This information is for estimation purposes only.

— DETEXI IP-Surveillance Planning – PC Client Selection — Hardware Recommendations —
PC Client Selection
Hardware Recommendations
General Computer Recommendations for DETEXI Remote Client


Viewing up to
20 cams at a time

Viewing more than
20 cams at a time
Pentium IV 2.8 GHz processor  
Dual core 3.4 GHz processor  
1 GB 400 MHz DDR2 RAM  
2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 RAM  
Windows XP Pro OS
256 MB PCI-E Video Card  
512 MB PCI-E Video Card