DETEXI® Network Video Management System
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— Network Options and Setup — Single LAN —
Network Options and Setup
In a simple configuration with the right conditions, a few-camera system can be placed directly into the available corporate network without affecting the other priorities of the network or compromising the performance of the surveillance system. Although it entails more planning, setup and in some cases, more hardware, the preferred configuration is to create a secondary security network to run in parallel with the corporate network.
There are generally three network configurations to consider for connecting the DETEXI NVR (Network Video Recorder), IP-devices (cameras / video servers), and Remote DETEXI Clients. Each of these three configurations should be handled a little differently, so it is important to be able to identify which configuration you have at hand.
Single LAN
In this situation, there is one local network, where all your cameras, clients, and the DETEXI NVR reside. Nothing is exposed to the Internet. This may be an existing corporate LAN to which you are adding, or a new LAN if no network existed before.
— Network Options and Setup — Single LAN — Required Setup —
Network Options and Setup
Single LAN
Required Setup in the DETEXI NVR, Cameras and Remote Clients —
This type of network requires no special setup in the NVR, cameras, or clients. All cameras, clients, and the NVR simply have internal IP addresses all within the same subnet. Camera configurations within the NVR use a Direct Proxy Type. Refer to the DETEXI — Basic Configuration for the NVR configuration instructions.