Flexible surveillance software for network video.

These days, video systems are no longer limited to recording and storing huge volumes of information passively (most of which is useless), they can actually EVALUATE a situation and TAKE ACTION accordingly.

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Live Video Monitoring and Recording

Video surveillance systems have existed for some 25 years, starting out as 100% analog systems and gradually becoming digitized. Today’s systems have come a long way from the early analog tube cameras connected to a VCR. They now use network cameras and PC servers for video recording in a fully digitized system. Video systems are no longer limited to recording and storing huge volumes of information passively — they can actually evaluate a situation and take action accordingly.
In between the fully analog and the fully digital systems, there are several solutions which are partly digital — these solutions include a number of digital components but do not represent fully digital systems. A video encoder (also called a video server) makes it possible to move toward a network video system without having to discard existing analog equipment. It brings new functionality to analog equipment and eliminates the need for dedicated equipment such as coaxial cabling, monitors and DVRs — the latter becoming unnecessary as video recording can be done using standard PC servers.
For advanced recording and event management — Video Management Software serves as the CORE of professional video surveillance systems —
From the software interface, operators can, for example, monitor live video, record video continuously, on schedule, on alarm and/or on motion detection or search for recorded events.
A video management software will allow you to, among other things, centrally manage and configure the network video products to your viewing, recording and security preferences.
The DETEXI Network Video Management system, often referred to as DETEXI IP-Surveillance for specific applications within security surveillance and remote monitoring, is a system which gives users the ability to monitor and record video over an IP network — LAN / WAN / Internet.

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