Flexible surveillance software for network video.


License Administration

Base and Upgrade License

To purchase the DETEXI Video Management System software you should acquire a base license for a defined number of video inputs (network cameras or analogue cameras connected to video encoders). A base license includes DETEXI NVR and 1 Remote DETEXI Client simultaneous connection. Thereafter, customers may purchase additional upgrade licenses to upgrade the number of video inputs and/or simultaneous connections. DETEXI software supports a wide range of network cameras / video encoders from the world’s leading manufacturers and continues to expand the list. Refer to the Supported Network Cameras list.
  • The Remote DETEXI Client, which is used to connect to DETEXI NVR can be installed on an unlimited number of PCs for free, except the Remote DETEXI PDA Client
  • The Remote DETEXI PDA Client supports Mobile 5 and Mobile PC 2003. To get this functionality pda-base license should be purchased
  • In order to get control over IVAS cameras content analyses capabilities the DETEXI IVAS — Intelligent Video Analysis Control module should be acquired by buying ivas-analitics license
  • For the intelligent DETEXI System configuration with more than 30% of IVAS cameras 100-ivas base license should be purchased; the license include up to 100 of supported video inputs.

Support & Software Upgrade Licenses

Purchase of 1 or 2-year support license is required for all DETEXI software products. It will grant you technical telephone support (8:00 am - 5:00 pm ET) and software upgrades as needed for a defined period of time. UCIT Online recommends that support licenses be constantly renewed for continuous technical support and future software upgrades.
  • With the DETEXI System demo version and the DETEXI Remote Client freeware UCIT Online — the software developer does not offer any product support.

Multi-site Connectivity Base and Upgrade Licenses

In order to manage a distributed NVR network (domain) a child-domain base license should be purchased. Thus, it becomes possible to control remotely from the DETEXI NVR Domain Controller the group of several NVRs that are logically attached to it. The license includes the DETEXI NVR Domain Controller and defines a number of child NVRs in the NVR network. 5 Remote DETEXI Client simultaneous connections are also included.
To add defined number of child NVRs to the multi-site NVR network purchase child upgrade license.
  • If 5 NVRs logically attached to the main NVR (NVR Domain Controller) are required you’ll need to buy 5-child-domain base license.
  • No video inputs included

Integration Software Licenses

In order to get the DETEXI System modules that integrate different mechanical and electronic security solutions such as access control devices, building management systems and industrial control systems an appropriate license should be purchased:
  • DETEXI NVR–ISONAS Bridge — Integration of ISONAS IP proximity card reader-controllers solution — dtx-isonas base license
  • DETEXI IP Audio — Integrated two way audio/gate control module — audio-gate base license
  • DETEXI ICM — Integrated response to access control information (Paradox panel, I/O PCI Card, Game Port) — access-control base license
  • Cameras and licenses can be added one by one and the system hardware and/or software can be expanded to meet increased performance requirements.
  • The maximum of video inputs/clients supported by one installation of the DETEXI NVR is NOT software limited.
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