Flexible surveillance software for network video.

In the DETEXI IP-Surveillance application, digitized video and/or audio streams can be sent to any location — via a wired and/or wireless IP network, enabling video monitoring and recording from ANYWHERE with network access.


What is DETEXI IP Video Security?

DETEXI IP Video Security is intelligent network video management software that gives users the ability to monitor and record video and/or audio over an IP (Internet Protocol-based) computer network such as a local area network (LAN) or the Internet.
Unlike analog video systems that use dedicated point-to-point analog cabling from the camera location to the viewing/recording station, the DETEXI system uses the IP network technology as the backbone for transporting information. In the DETEXI IP-Surveillance application, digitized video and/or audio streams can be sent to any location — via a wired and/or wireless IP network, enabling video monitoring and recording from anywhere with network access. While an analog video system is for the most part a one-directional signal carrier that ends at the recording device, the DETEXI system is bi-directional — allowing information to be sent and received, and can be an integrated part of a larger, scalable system.

Background service on a Windows PC

DETEXI software runs as a background service on a Windows PC — off the shelf hardware where hardware components have been selected to obtain the maximum performance. In a simple IP-Surveillance system, this involves the use of a network camera (or an analog camera with a video encoder/video server), a network switch, and PC with DETEXI software for viewing, managing and storing video.


The core of the DETEXI system is DETEXI NVR. This software supplies the basis for video management, monitoring, analysis, and recording. It also allows you to, among other things, centrally manage and configure the network video products (network cameras and video servers) to your viewing, recording and security preferences.
  • The DETEXI system, for instance, can send video and audio to a user, as well as receive from the user instructions that could, for example, activate doors or external alarms.
  • The DETEXI system can communicate with several applications in parallel and perform various tasks such as detecting motion or sending different streams of video.
  • A megapixel network camera can offer resolutions greater than what an analog camera can offer, which means that more detail or larger areas can be covered.
This gives user greater control and management of live and recorded video, as well as alarm events.

Remote DETEXI Client

DETEXI system offers a single graphical user interfaceDETEXI Client — with monitoring, recording, and analysis functionality delivering the timely, accurate information required for effective response to security threats. Using the Remote DETEXI Client multiple authorized users can access live or recorded video at any time and from any networked location.

Distributed Intelligence, Analytics

There is often too much video recorded and lack of time to properly analyze them. The DETEXI system take care of this by reducing the amount of uninteresting video recorded and enabling programmed responses. Advanced network cameras have such features as built-in video motion detection, audio detection alarm, tampering detection, I/O connections, and alarm and event management functionalities. These features enable DETEXI System to program and instruct the cameras on
  • when to send video — and at what frame rate and resolution;
  • when to activate external mechanisms such as alarms, lights and doors;
  • when and how to alert operators;
  • where to send video for recording and storage — whether it be local and/or off-site for security purposes.
The intelligent network camera is never idle. It is constantly on guard, analyzing inputs and waiting for an impulse to kick-start an action or series of actions. Intelligence at the camera level enables a more productive and effective means of surveillance. Network bandwidth usage and storage needs are reduced since only actionable information is sent over a network. In addition, less computing power is required from the recording server.

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