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Since the recording requires the most processing resources the recording storage needs must be considered when building the computer system to be used as the NVR Server. Use the following calculator to estimate the storage needs of the NVR recording requirements.
For example — Determine weather you can keep the recorded images from 7 cameras on 500GB disc space for 5 days, if you choose to record each camera with 704x480 resolution, 3 frames per second with reasonable 50% compression and 100% recording (24/7 recording schedule). Keep in mind; to prevent the hard drive from becoming full plan to set If free space is less than parameter to 1000MB at least.
The answer is — Yes.
Retention Time   Days
Cameras Resolution Frame Rate FPS Compression % Recording % Storage GB
Total Storage GB  
  • It is common for different cameras to require different quality recordings.
  • It is more common to sacrifice recording frame rate to preserve the highest possible video resolution in recordings. This allows for crisper images of faces, license plates, etc. even when the fluidity of the video is not perfect.
  • A typical recording quality of IP video is 4CIF (704x480) resolution or similar and between 3-6 FPS. Megapixel cameras are starting to become more common now as well, supporting maximum resolutions in the range of 1600x1200.
  • Calculations are based on the performance and resource consumption of AXIS cameras/video servers; do not consider storage space for the Operating System and NVR software or any overhead or other technical issue that may result in a higher file size. Use for estimation purposes only.