DETEXI® Network Video Management System
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Video surveillance systems have existed for some 25 years, starting out as 100% analog systems and gradually becoming digitized. Today’s systems use network cameras and PC servers for video recording and are fully digitized.
UCIT Online Security is the DETEXI Company
Businesses utilizing DETEXI IP-Security software know UCIT Online Security as the place to go for the network video management expertise and sound technology solutions. The DETEXI Network Video Management system, often referred to as DETEXI IP-Surveillance for specific applications within security surveillance and remote monitoring, is a system which gives users the ability to monitor and record video over an IP network.
UCIT Online is a Canadian owned and operated company providing software-based solutions focused on IP security surveillance, remote monitoring and control. All software is developed in house to insure security, reliability and rapid integration capability. Founded in 2003, UCIT Online operates in cooperation with dedicated partners, distributors and system integrators throughout North America and Europe.
Where to Buy Network Video Products
DETEXI Network Video Management Software / NVR PC Server, Client PC
To purchase the DETEXI software please contact UCIT Online Security. To purchase our software in Europe refer to DETEXI — Contact.
  • The DETEXI software can be installed on PC computers of your choice or could be purchased pre-installed and pre-configured on an appropriate PC Server/ Client PC
Network Cameras / Video Encoders
A wide variety of network cameras and video encoders are available and can be bought from any supplier if they are supported by the DETEXI System. Refer to the Supported Network Cameras list.
  • Video devices from a variety of manufacturers could be purchased from the UCIT Online Security as well.
Cameras and licenses can be added one by one and the system hardware and/or software can be expanded to meet increased performance requirements.