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— DETEXI NVR — Manuals —

Network Video Recorder

The DETEXI NVR supplies the basis for video management, monitoring, analysis, and recording. Allows centrally manage and configure the network video products.
Online version DETEXI NVR 5.7

— DETEXI Video Management Software —
DETEXI Video Management Software
Once the network cameras (or analog cameras and video encoders) are installed and configured, you can monitor and record video and/or audio from many cameras simultaneously on a local or remote PC via the Internet using the DETEXI software. The DETEXI Network Video Management system is an advanced client/server-based software that provides support for multiple, simultaneous users and thousands of cameras.
The core of the DETEXI system — Network Video Recorder. The DETEXI NVR supplies the basis for video management, monitoring, analysis, and recording; allows users to, among other things, centrally manage and configure the network video products (network cameras and video servers) to their viewing, recording and security preferences.
Intelligent Video Analysis
One of the key functions in the DETEXI NVR is recording video, as well as audio. Recording functionalities include setting up the rules of video management and intelligent ways of video recording, live viewing as well as searching for recorded video and exporting video to other systems.
Intelligent video or video analysis is the process of analyzing video data with the goal of transforming it into actionable information. The NVR software provides the ability to complete different kind of actions at many different stages of video recording and viewing. This allows for immediate response to things that occur.
Network Video Recorder Domain Model
To address scalability and reliability and taking the cue from existing computer network topologies, a new and exciting approach to network video management and control has been developed — the NVR Domain Model.
Digital video recording consumes a large amount of hard drive storage space. With a large amount of cameras sending information to the NVR over a long period of time, the only way to adequately deal with it is to share the load over a distributed NVR network. The central administration point of this distributed network or domain is the NVR Domain Controller.
— DETEXI Video Management Software — Platform —
DETEXI System Platform
Software Platform
The DETEXI network video management system is Windows client/server based software.
  • For large systems, or if the viewing station is located in a remote location, Windows-based viewing DETEXI Client module is installed on a PC that is separate from the recording server where the DETEXI NVR is installed.
  • The Remote DETEXI Client allows a user to perform the same tasks using the same user interface as on the computer where the NVR is installed (Local DETEXI Client). All settings are inherited and downloaded from the NVR.
  • The Remote DETEXI Client also enables users to switch between different servers that have NVR installed, thus making it possible to manage video at many remote sites or in a large system.
  • The DETEXI NVR Control Center module installed automatically on the recording server is the DETEXI NVR graphic user interface and serves as a tool for communication between administrator and the DETEXI NVR.
Hardware Platform (Server and Storage)
DETEXI NVR is an open platform solutions that runs on "off-the-shelf" hardware, with components selected for maximum performance.
Today’s PC, with a Pentium processor and Windows operating system, is able to run a video management software, and record and store video from numerous cameras. If the hard disk on the actual server running the recording application is not enough, there are solutions (such as network-attached storage — NAS) that enable you to increase storage space and achieve increased flexibility and recoverability.
The DETEXI system can be easily integrated with different mechanical and electronic security devices. Presently DETEXI system supports —
  • ISONAS PowerNet IP card reader-controllers
  • Digital Acoustics push-to-talk intercoms
  • Paradox security panels
  • RBH Access Technologies security card readers
— DETEXI Video Management Software — Components —
DETEXI Video Management Software
Software Components
When the DETEXI software is installed, several applications are placed on the Windows PC server, each with their own responsibility.

DETEXI NVR Control Center
The DETEXI NVR handles all communication with the cameras/video servers that are included in the system. It also handles recordings, events and user management in the system. The underlying structure of the DETEXI NVR consists of individual services, registered as Windows Services which allow to execute and organize all the tasks it is responsible for. DETEXI NVR Control Center is the DETEXI NVR GUI and serves as a tool for communication between administrator and the DETEXI NVR. Once the DETEXI NVR has been installed on your computer, the NVR Control Center allows you to start/stop services as well as modify settings if needed. Some of the services are configured as automatic by default.
If DETEXI NVR and any camera in the system are separated by a proxy server, you may need to enter an appropriate proxy settings.
Local DETEXI Client
Installed automatically along with the DETEXI NVR is a useful system administrator tool for testing user configuration and basic functionality. It only connects to the local DETEXI NVR, does not require the NVR services to be running, and does not require authentication (authentication features are disabled).
Remote DETEXI Client
Installed stand-alone on any PC, or/and included automatically with the DETEXI NVR installation enables connection to any authorized DETEXI NVR available anywhere on the Internet or corporate network for remote viewing and control. Requires NVR settings configuration and authentication.
DETEXI Archive Viewer
Included automatically with the DETEXI NVR and Remote DETEXI Client installation connects local and/or remote users to the DETEXI NVR recorded video (NVR archive) for video retrieval and export. For remote users permission/authentication is required.

— NVR General Settings — Start/Stop DETEXI NVR —
DETEXI Video Management Software
When the NVR Control Center is launched General — Global Settings is the default opening location. Some settings have default values at first, but before the NVR is used for recording, these settings will need to be tailored to the specific application needs based on recording specifications and resources available.
Some NVR settings, including the Archive Storage Path, cannot be set or changed while the NVR is running (fields are grey and not accessible). If the NVR is running, you must first stop the services with the Start/Stop NVR Service toggle button on the right. When the settings are done start NVR again.