DETEXI® Network Video Management System
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This manual is intended for administrators and users of the DETEXI Network Video Management System, and is applicable for software release 6.0 and higher. It includes instructions for using and managing the DETEXI System on your network. Previous experience of networking will be of use when using this product. Later versions of this manual will be posted to the DETEXI website, as required. This User Guide follows the general structure of the DETEXI software and leads you through the system configuration and functionality.
DETEXI Network Video Management System is a complete monitoring and recording system for use with network cameras and video servers. The application provides quick and easy access to all connected and configured cameras, recordings, inputs and outputs used in the system. A background service in Windows, DETEXI System will start automatically upon system start-up and continue running even after the user logs out.
Administration — All dialogs that allow control and configuration of all aspects of the DETEXI System are found under the NVR Control Center — the DETEXI NVR GUI.
Surveillance and Monitoring — For remote surveillance and monitoring you can use Remote DETEXI Client. The DETEXI PDA Client is also available.
IP-Surveillance Design — With all the new capabilities, and the many methods available to manage network video, it is key to consider your application needs and level of functionality on the design stage of your security installation.
Manual includes instructions for installing, using and managing a basic configuration of the DETEXI System on your network.
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Minimum hardware requirements
Installation Instructions, Licensing, Registration
DETEXI System Components
Network Options and Setup
Windows Security
Glossary of Terms
DETEXI NVR supplies the basis for video management, monitoring, analysis, and recording. Allows centrally manage and configure the network video products.
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DETEXI NVR Components
NVR Services Control
NVR Setup — General Settings, Camera Connection,
User Configuration
Add Cameras / Video Servers
Event-Driven Surveillance
Tasks — Actions/Notifications Triggered by Alarms/Events
Recording Methods
Enabling/Disabling Recording
Recording Quality/Image Settings — Resolution,
Setup Recording Method, Schedule
Schedule-based Continuous Recording
Schedule-based Motion Triggered Recording
Motion Settings, Area of Interest, Alarms
Sequences — Cameras Predefined Tours
External I/Os
Audit Logs
DETEXI NVR Domain Controller
Allows to control remotely NVR network (domain), the group of several NVRs that are logically attached to the NVR Domain Controller.
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DETEXI Installation Scalability
Building NVR Domain
Setup NVR as a member of Domain Network
Setup NVR Domain Controller
Updating Camera Settings across Domain
Updating User Settings across Domain
Troubleshooting across Domain
zoom +DETEXI Monitoring Center
Surveillance — Monitoring Center
Remote DETEXI Client
Remote DETEXI Client is used to connect to the DETEXI NVR for camera settings and recorded video, monitor and control live cameras.
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Local DETEXI Client / Remote DETEXI Client
Configure Camera in the DETEXI NVR Control Center —
Setup Connection, Recording Schedule,
Motion Detection, Audio, Alarms, External I/Os
Sequences — Predefined tours through group of cameras
User Authentication
Interacting with Live Camera
Select Camera from the Cameras List —Open Window with
Live Video Stream, I/O Status
Switch Between Cameras, Camera Sequences
View Selection — Single Camera, Maltiscreen
Control Pad — PTZ Control, Preset Positions,
Adjust Video Resolution and Compression
Record Live Video (avi), Capture Image (jpx)
Play Recorded Video
Search NVR Video Archive
Investigate Alarms
Control External I/Os
DETEXI Archive Viewer
DETEXI Archive Viewer connects local and/or remote users to the DETEXI NVR recorded video (NVR archive) for video retrieval and export.
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DETEXI Archive Viewer vs. DETEXI Client Archive Tool
Methods of pulling video — Loading Video Fragment,
Streaming Video
User Authentication
Select Camera from the Search List
Date/Time of Interest — Video Bar Graph
Scanning Video for Events
Search and Replay Video — Date, Time, Motion
Playback Controls
Network Connection — Playback Speed (fps)
Local Archive Viewer
Export Archived Video to Universal Format — jpg
Snapshots, avi Video Files
DETEXI PDA Client gives remote users the Remote DETEXI Client capabilities through the PDAs and Smart Phones running Windows CE 3.0, or Mobile 5.0 or higher.
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Installation, Registration
Configure NVR for PDA — IP Address, Port to Listen
PDA Client Settings
User Authentication
Interact with Live Camera
Select Camera from the Cameras List
Switch Between Cameras
Rotate View
Controls — PTZ, Preset Positions
Adjust Video Resolution and Compression
Record Live Video (avi), Capture Image (jpx)
Control External I/Os
Retrieve Archived Video
Play Video, Investigate Alarms
IP-Surveillance Design
IP-Surveillance Design
A number of factors should be taken into account to set up a system that takes advantage of the full potential of network video.
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Component Consideration — Network Cameras/Video
Encoders, Network, Hardware (PC Server and Storage),
Video Management Software
DETEXI IP-Surveillance Planning
Bandwidth Consumption
Simulation-based Bandwidth Calculator
Simulation-based Storage Calculator
PC Server Selection
PC Client Selection
Scalability — Network of NVRs
Integration Software
DETEXI is an open platform system and can be integrated with access control devices, building management systems, audio and other external I/Os.
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DETEXI NVR – ISONAS Bridge — Integration of ISONAS
IP proximity card reader-controllers solution
DETEXI IVAS — Intelligent Video Analysis Control
DETEXI IP Audio — Integrated two way audio/gate control
DETEXI ICM — Integrated response to access control
information (Paradox panel, I/O PCI Card, Game Port)